Welcome to my little corner of the world! I am Chris Evans from Cheshire UK. I am a keen cyclists, blog writer and also suffer from mental health issues. Suffering with OCD and depression, I have decided to mix my love of cycling and my passion for helping others into a online blog aimed at sharing my experiences of mental health issues, with a view that I hope that this opens a dialog for other people who suffer from mental health to seek help, open up a dialog or even learn something from each other on how to deal with mental health issues! You can find out more about me and my condition in my blog where I cover most subjects! If you would like to know more drop me an email on hello@onevelo.co.uk


In addition to running my own blog, I also write articles and blog posts for a variety of websites and print publications to date I have over 50 published articles. You can find a selection of these below!  I also undertake work on behalf of Bike Bible – a social network of cyclists that was founded by myself in 2014. Due to ill health, and that the day to day running of the business end of things was getting in the way of cycling and family time, the business was sold to a new owner – long story short it was soon sold again and the new owner has brought me back into the business to help with the running of things and keep the network on track! I help run the Facebook Group with over 45k members worldwide with an amazing moderator team, and also provide articles and blog posts for their website! You can find out more about Bike Bible here on their website or here on their Facebook Page! 

Examples of my work include:

Adverts on my site

No one likes adverts – let’s be honest even relevant ones can be a bit overwhelming at times! I try to keep these to a minimum on One Velo – but the ones you do see help good causes. The money raised from adverts on this website help me fund projects I like to donate time, services or money to over the course of the year. One of these projects is that I pay for website hosting and services for projects close to my heart. At present I currently donate website design, hosting, domains and email services to these projects – Live Your Life Drop The Knife, Liver Pedlaa Pool, Self Care Station, Rick’s Black Dog and also Shetland Animal Rescue. The adverts allow for the servers needed to host the websites are fully paid for, the domains cost are covered and that the websites are fully designed for the community groups. In addition to this I also make a contribution to a local charity once per year in the name of One Velo, this is usually chosen at random and I try to keep this as local charity as opposed to a national one.