Where Art Thou Mojo…

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Mojo, Mojo where art thou mojo…. Apologies for the lack of updates for my readers this last 10 days or so but It would seam my cycling mojo has packed a suitcase on decided to pop on holiday without me….it’s abandoned me and left me to the perils and misery of public transport! I would […]

Anxiety & Mental Fatigue…


Suffering with anxiety is probably one of the most mentally and physically exhausting things I can honestly say I have ever suffered with it is leaving me recently with zero energy and even less motivation to do anything at all let alone cycling. It is hard to explain to anyone who has not experienced it, […]

The Loss Of A Fellow Cyclist…

claire killey

The cycling community as a whole is a close knit group of people, so when someone within this community is killed whilst participating in the sport it can shake you up a little, more so when it is someone you know. Tragically on the 28th February 2019 the community local to me suffered just this […]

Broken Bolts & N+1….

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Thanks to my sponsors Cool Hammocks I was able to get my bike back on the road with a temporary fix – only temporary as a N+1 is enroute to me mid March and once it has arrived the plan is to overhaul the MTB take it back to the frame and just rebuild from […]

Severe lack of motivation….

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Motivation, mojo, get up and go, lazyitis whatever you want to call it….it has hit me this week with a thud! The bike is back on the road thanks to my sponsors Cool Hammocks, but between a small injury to my knee and lack of sleep, cycling this week has been the furthest thing from […]

The Effects Of Living With Mental Health – Guilt

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The effects of mental health are numerous, in most cases there is no one aspect of your life that it does not effect in some way be it in a big way or a small way. For me one such area that I struggle to deal with is the guilt that I feel for the […]

Product Review – Pact Coffee

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Second to my passion for cycling, is my passion for a good cup of the brown stuff! Coffee! Coffee and cycling go hand in hand let’s face it, there are not many cyclists that do not like a good cup of coffee in its many variant forms! When Pact said they wanted to send me […]

Man Down…Not Man Up….

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Warning if you ever speak with me face to face and ever utter the words “man up” or “its all in your head” be prepared for a swift and probably very angry response, there are very few sentences/phrases in the vocabulary of others that cause an adverse reaction, but when it comes to male mental […]

Me & My Depression…The Medication

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I discussed my diagnosis in another post called Me & My Depression…The Diagnosis, and I am making a kind of mini series out of it ha! So this post is about the next steps from being diagnosed – the first step was medication. In the last post I talked about how I ended up at the […]

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

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This week in the life of Chris Evans has been a mixed bag of everything really! Cycling was going really well – my head was in the right place and my body was used to cycling on consecutive days again, till Wednesday morning when about 5 miles in my crank arm fell off completely! Now […]