Thanks to my sponsors Cool Hammocks I was able to get my bike back on the road with a temporary fix – only temporary as a N+1 is enroute to me mid March and once it has arrived the plan is to overhaul the MTB take it back to the frame and just rebuild from there…. Trouble with temporary fixes is they are just that….temporary! 12 miles after the repair the troublesome bolt that has been causing all these issues has worked loose once again! 

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Now I am not one for slamming brands or companies – not really my style but this FSA design is quite possibly the worst thing known in all of cycling history! Combine that with the fact that half the spare parts cannot be purchased or located any more and its a recipe for disaster! Still the bolt is still in one piece so I have employed Loctite’s strongest version….one that comes with a warning that it “can only be removed if heated to 350 degrees”…. if it moves with the amount of this I have put on it and in the threads I will be calling Team Sky and advising Froome to move over as the power output stats must be mind blowing!  

It has not been a great week for cycling nor my mental health, anxiety spikes as I call them – which is when my anxiety keeps flaring up quickly and without apparent reason, have been frequent and prolonged. Most annoyingly is that 90% of the time I can identify a trigger or a cause for these but this last week there has been no obvious reason. I went to see my GP as wanted to go back on to my medication after a 9 month or so break from them, and agreed that Fluoxetine was to be taken until further notice! No more “superman” moments – superman moments are my way of saying that I took myself off my medication as I was feeling great – things were going well so despite medical advice I took myself off my medication as I was feeling like Superman and could face whatever the world threw at me….seams my Kryptonite is a little more complex than just a wee glowing rock! 

Cycling took a back seat over the last week or so, getting the bike repaired and anxiety spikes although do not make for a great combination to get out and ride – ironically riding helps them…. It becomes a battle of which wins sometimes! Still something to look forward to! The N+1 is soon to be arriving! 

one velo a blog by chris evans

Being a huge fan of Giant bikes and having owed 4 of them – it made sense to me to stick to what I know! Contend SL Disc will be my first road bike with disc brakes, having only ever had them on my mountain bikes. I did have some reservations about the brakes set up and if it was reliable as Giant use a  hybrid setup between cables and hydraulics to save having larger hubs on the shifters, but everyone I have spoken to has reassured me that these are good! To say I am excited about the prospect of getting back to doing big miles again is an understatement – don’t get me wrong the 29er is a cracking bike, but anything over 20 miles and you feel like you have cycled on a tank! I will be sure to post a review once the first few rides have been completed! 

You can read more of my journey battling mental health and my mission by clicking here! One Velo is sponsored by Cool Hammocks – Suppliers of the UK’s best quality hammocks and hanging chairs.