THERE’S HOW MANY CALORIES IN THAT! Followed by a few expletives that are not suitable for polite company fell out of my mouth earlier this week after paying close attention to the calories contained within a simple chicken sub roll sandwich, chosen for what I would presumed would be a lower calorie, higher protein alternative to the others on offer. As you guessed it I have been more conscious of the calorie intake this week, as discussed in last weeks blog post Miles, Sores & Repairs I had been reading an article by Nadja Hermann in the Guardian called “I lost 13 stone – now I know the truth about obesity…”, which had highlighted to me that possibly setting aside the family sized bars of Cadbury’s Caramel, the 2-3l of Coca-Cola and the monster sized bags of Pickled Onion Monster Munch I was consuming sometimes on a daily basis although good for me and would definitely aid my ever increasing waistline, maybe was not all I needed to keep an eye on. 

Nadja in the article mentions a Salmon Salad she cooked for herself on a regular basis, presuming that it was a low calorie healthy choice for her meal, she estimated that this meal was around 500 calories, when in actual fact it was closer to 1,500 kcal! This got me thinking about how many calories I must have been consuming per day “blindly”, I mean when a simple chicken sandwich can contain as many as 550kcal’s how many had I been consuming by snacking on crisps, cake, Coca-Cola, toast and rounding it off with several Lattes per day which alone can contain as much as 500 calories! 

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I am a firm believer even having read probably close to 200 different articles, blogs and so called health advisories that you still need to enjoy a little treat, every diet I have ever tried always failed in part due to cutting out everything and then a mass binge every so often as the cravings hit home! Instead of cutting everything out, massively restricting my calorie intake to such an extent that even the desk in work starts to look like a tasty side order, that I will be reducing my calories, replacing unhealthy drinks and snacks with healthy ones and focus on a balanced diet mixed with increasing the amount of exercise, sounds like a simple recipe when you compare it to some of the fad diets that tell you 1000 calories a day is the most you can have, or you must run a marathon every day in order to be healthy and slim. Trying to disregard most of the pseudoscience  and just focus on better eating, less snacking and more exercise, but I do not think the world is ready for me without coffee all together, so more of a reduction in this area rather than an outright ban! 

As you may have guessed I am not trying to become the next Chris Froome or Alex Dowsett, so not looking to maximise my GI Index or any other index for that matter, I am the furthest I could be from being about the science and “pro” world or cycling that I think you could get, more a regular Joe just trying to delay the middle aged spread and be a little healthier so that climbing the stairs do not leave me feeling like I am about to have a coronary heart attack and possibly even get up them local climbs a little quicker than I have been, which at present would be quicker to walk them! 

Rather ironically when I took up cycling I was at least 7 stone lighter, but somewhere along the line the love of cake and a full English breakfast moved from just being a Sunday treat to being everyday! So I have given myself the weekend as a treat and had a little bit of a splurge on the wine gums and coca-cola, and given that its my birthday week, with a night out planned will have to factor that in too, but the diet is getting overhauled, yes I have probably said this close to 1000 times before, and yep I might only be kidding myself but got to try! Updates next week will probably be a very grouchy Chris – having tried to cut out sugar intake before I know just how painful this is going to be! Wish me luck folks! 

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