This week in the life of Chris Evans has been a mixed bag of everything really! Cycling was going really well – my head was in the right place and my body was used to cycling on consecutive days again, till Wednesday morning when about 5 miles in my crank arm fell off completely! Now you may recall in my post a few weeks ago that I mentioned that a pesky bolt had been giving me trouble, well it strikes again – the third one in about 5 months! Luckily it happened quite close to work and it was only a short 1 mile walk pushing the bike. For those that follow me on Instagram you will have seen the results – one sheared bolt head in on hand and my bike in the other! Now at this point panic would normally set in, and one train of thought would lead to another and another, and then get all cross and mishmash-ed in my head, but I am proud to say that I was pretty calm in all fairness, no pass hysteria, no panic attacks and no major worries about the consequences of not having my bike on the road, I was pissed off however (pardon my french), as just as my cycling mojo started to come back and I was comfortable in both a physical and mental sense I was beginning to be relaxed on the bike it repaid this by falling apart – and not just by a bolt head snapping off but it left the bolt body with half a metric tonne of Loctite on it in the spindle of the crankset…. All seamed lost at this point the bolt body was not going to come out, not with the amount of Loctite on it that it had, and that there was none of the actual bolt that was sticking out to be able to get a good grip on. 

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I will admit at this point I thought nah its gone, time to get a new groupset and be done with it, but having just entered into the final stages of buying a house, money is on the tight side, so I sent out a plea to any willing party looking to possibly join forces  with me and possibly sponsor the blog with enough money to make the repairs to the crankset and bolts to at least keep me moving a a few months till a whole new groupset can be purchased. I am pleased to say I had lots of interested parties, but the one who signed the dotted line first and is now the main sponsor of One Velo and my mission is……. drum roll…… Cool Hammocks! I am looking forward to working along side Cool Hammocks for the next 12 months as my main sponsor! They have kindly paid for the required repairs and parts needed of which there were a few, in order to get me and my bike back out on the road again, I cannot tell you how much that means to me at this time! As quoted in the Godfather – “Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!” – the in bit being me and my bike back cycling!

Sponsoring One Velo appealed for multiple reasons, the primary one being your story, how you are using cycling to help and passing on this journey and information to others and not being afraid to tell you story as it is, no sugar coating. I think as a society we are becoming more aware about mental health issues and this is a great way to start helping other people. With blogs like One Velo starting to break down some of those barriers giving people a chance to talk and and feel less alone. – Steven Lambert – Owner Cool Hammocks.

I also got sent some free coffee to try courtesy of Pact Coffee this week to sample! Being as its my second passion in life besides cycling, I am sure to be enjoying that over the coming few days! I won’t pretend I know how to say its name but its called Nyarusiza Ngara! Should help with the relaxing “me time” over the next few days I have booked off work! Kudos to Pact! 

In the midst of all this buying a house, bikes falling apart and the required repairs, and also having booked a few days off work this week I don’t expect to be breaking any personal records when it comes to millage this week, but I will see how it goes, one thing that is good is the weather is starting to get better and the dark nights and mornings are subsidising! Which means I might even be able to get out one evening down the canal paths close to home if the bike is back on the road as planned for mid week! 

You can read more of my journey battling mental health and my mission by clicking here! One Velo is sponsored by Cool Hammocks – Suppliers of the UK’s best quality hammocks and hanging chairs.

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