Motivation, mojo, get up and go, lazyitis whatever you want to call it….it has hit me this week with a thud! The bike is back on the road thanks to my sponsors Cool Hammocks, but between a small injury to my knee and lack of sleep, cycling this week has been the furthest thing from my mind when I wake up at 5:30am…. This becomes a double edge sword really, as once I am in work I am instantly regretting not riding to work! Three days this week I have been in work, and three missed opportunities to ride to work, three days of battling with myself first thing in the morning telling myself to ride to work, and three days I have gotten the bus to work and regretted it later that day! 

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Half the battle with me is just getting out of the door, 9 out of 10 times once I am out on the bike I am fine and enjoy it, my main issue is just getting me and the bike ready and out the door! Winter is always the worst for this, the enemy is bib leggings! My god these things are impossible! Getting them on is a workout in itself! Dancing round the bedroom trying to get both legs in, over the calfs, over the hips then over the expanding waistline, then another quick dance later and over the shoulders with the straps – then a ten minute recovery session to catch one’s breath and recoup! If you do not experience issues putting on bib tights like this – you might be thinking WTF is he talking about – for those that do you know! How I long for just a few degrees warmer than it is now so this is no longer an issue!

Combine that issue with just a general lack of motivation and you have a cycling killer storm! A storm I have decided to tackle head on…. Two days booked off work this week (for unrelated events), means I have two days where I besides a few odd jobs I will have a few hours to spare, a few hours in the warmer part of day where leggings are not required, and also no other excuse other than my own reluctance to get out and ride, so that is what I will be doing! I don’t care if its only 10 miles, I want to get out and just reboot this motivation and get this year back on track. So if you see me out and about in the lanes and roads surrounding Widnes on a bright orange Giant Fathom 29nr be sure to shout hello! 

You can read more of my journey battling mental health and my mission by clicking here! One Velo is sponsored by Cool Hammocks – Suppliers of the UK’s best quality hammocks and hanging chairs.