The cycling community as a whole is a close knit group of people, so when someone within this community is killed whilst participating in the sport it can shake you up a little, more so when it is someone you know. Tragically on the 28th February 2019 the community local to me suffered just this loss. Clare Killey a very keen cyclist and QQM queen of Liverpool was cycling with a friend when she was involved in a tragic accident, whilst out cycling with a friend, she lost her life and her friend remains in critical condition in hospital. 

Having rode with Clare and her husband Peter on may occasion, I can tell you that the sport has lost a shining light and her death has shaken everyone who knew her. She leaves behind a husband and two wonderful children, who’s strength and determination at this difficult time are an inspiration to many, myself included. 

claire killey

It is all too easy to let tragic events like this stop you from cycling, whenever a local cyclists dies it can shake you to an extent that you doubt your participation in the sport, more so when the cyclist is known to you. Peter even in this most difficult of times has been telling people that they must not stop, advising everyone that Clare was about getting people into the sport not stopping them from participating. Many who knew here have been doing rides and using the title “With Clare” to show their support for this and the family at this time. 

A Just Giving page has been launched to help raise money for the Killey’s at this time, to help out with funeral costs and also an ongoing memorial to Clare, which has already smashed its target, I would urge anyone to aid with this no matter how big or small the donation. 

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