Having used my current light set up for some 3 years now I needed an upgrade, having used a light set up that involved a seperate battery pack where the battery was kept in a bag attached to my top tube, the cables for this set up were beginning to come away from the battery pack on one of my lights, and being as this presented an issue if it ever rained a replacement was needed. I mainly commute on roads where street lights are present, so I did not need to purchase a large light or one that was too powerful. Having been given some Wiggle vouchers for christmas decided to use these to purchase a new one. Having used several of Wiggle’s in house brand Lifeline items before I settled on the LifeLine Atria 200 – mainly as it was not a large light, nor was it a massively powerful light and previous customers had offered it some good reviews, plus with 50% off in the sale helped sway it too!

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I opted to have it delivered by Doddle so I could collect on my way home from work, saves pestering the neighbours! It was delivered within 2 days, which was very good considering I ordered on a Sunday evening! Packaging was brilliant as it always is from Wiggle and of course the Haribo is always welcomed! 

Now I am the first to look for products that do not feature the rubber band fitting, mainly as I keep breaking these with constant taking on and off the bike when commuting, and always on the lookout when buying new lights that they do not come with rubber band fittings, I know this offers less flexibility when wanting to move them between bikes etc, but its a personal preference of mine. The fitting itself I found easy to get in place, simply place where required using the rubber inner strip, and tighten the screw. 

Once fitted the light is a little stiff to remove from its bracket, but this is welcomed to be honest as it means that it does not work loose when in use, more so on the road conditions where I live are less than ideal – meaning if it was a loose fitting it would simply vibrate loose or move when in use. 

The battery life is more than adequate for what I use it for, I commute about 40 minutes each way and on these dark winter months it has been more than adequate for two days commuting before I would think about charging it. I do however only use it on the medium setting. 

The casing of the light is strong and made of Alloy – meaning it is strong and having dropped the light whilst carrying it in my helmet from the bike to work – I can safely say its strong enough to withstand being dropped the odd time! A small quibble with the unit would be the length of the USB cable that is provided – it is barley above 2 inches if it is lucky – meaning when charging from an under desk PC like I do when in work – the unit has a tendency to hang from the front of the PC tower – then fall off as its too heavy for the USB connection – perhaps a revised longer cable could be introduced by Wiggle? Overall I am very happy with my purchase – would I buy one again – Yes – would I recommend that you buy one? If you are looking for a compact easy to use light for commuting in light areas – Yes. Its a score of 5 out of 5 from em as it ticks all the boxes that I need – well bar that pesky USB cable but I remedied that with one that I had lying round the house! 

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